Give the Substitution of Attorney Civil and the completed Proof of Service by Mail to the clerk for filing. 4. I consent to this substitution. Date TYPE OR PRINT NAME SIGNATURE OF PARTY SIGNATURE OF FORMER ATTORNEY SIGNATURE OF NEW ATTORNEY See reverse for proof of service by mail Form Adopted For Mandatory Use Judicial Council of California MC-050 Rev. January 1 2009 Page 1 of 2 Code of Civil Procedure 284 1 285 Cal. Rules of Court rule 3. MC 050 ATTORNEY OR PARTY WITHOUT ATTORNEY Name...
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Who needs a Form MC-050?

If you are a party in a lawsuit and you found a better representative for you in court, you can change your attorney by filling out this form.

What is Form MC-050 for?

Form MC-050 (California) stands for Substitution of Attorney-Civil. The word ‘civil’ here stands for the Code of Civil Procedure and means that you do not need a court order for changing your attorney. If you want a different attorney or you prefer to represent yourself, you need to fill out form MC-050 and notify all parties involved in a case personally or by certified mail.

Is Form MC-050 accompanied by other forms?

Substitution of attorney must be accompanied by the Proof of Service by Mail. An unsigned completed copy of the Proof of Service by Mail must be filed to the court clerk. It is included as a second page of this form.

When is the Substitution of attorney due?

Make three copies of this form and bring it or mail it to the court. The court clerk will keep the original, stamp the other copies “Filed”, and return it to you.

How do I fill out Form MC-050?

Write down your name, address and contact number in the top block on the first page of this form. After that, put down the address of the court you are applying to in California. Fill in the case number. In the next block, first write the name of the party changing attorney and add the names of the former and the new representatives. Give the address and the telephone number for a new attorney. Define who is making a substitution (a plaintiff, defendant, petitioner, respondent or other). All parties should sign the first page. Have the person who mailed the document complete the Proof of the Service by Mail on the second page. It must contain his name and the list of people contacted and the addresses to which the notice was mailed.

Where do I send Substitution of attorney?

File it to the court clerk personaly or by post.


Video instructions and help with filling out and completing mc 050
Instructions and Help about attorney substitution form

Okay everybody welcome to page two of the MC 50 substitution of attorney form for use in civil cases in california state Superior Court we're going to go over page two how to fill in page 2 if you found this video directly and you need to fill in page one this video is not going to go over that however hopefully you can find that page one video on my channel or if you found the playlist go ahead and click back in the playlist and you should be all set with page one so that's said for page 2 let's go ahead and get started if you filled in any of these types of california state court forms before then this header block up here is going to be very familiar to you over on the right go ahead and put in the case number that varies from County to County so there's no way for me to tell you what that is however if you have like if you have no papers from your case or the fact that you're looking at this video hopefully you have a really good idea of what the case number in your case is or hopefully where you can go and actually find that number so over on the left go ahead and put in the case name generally that's going to be identity of plaintiff versus identity of defendant I say identity because it really will depend on whether or not the plaintiff is an individual a company a government entity a different whether or not the defendants a individual corporation whatever but generally it's going to be identity of plaintiff however you refer to them versus identity of defendant however you refer to them so for those of you who have never done service before or don't OLAP Rufus service is the good kind of analogy that I think is to think of a proof of service as a receipt a receipt is something that you use to prove that a purchase happen a proof is something that you use to prove the service actually happened so I have another video that goes over service like what it means how you do it etc I'm going to go ahead and link it over here hopefully that works and go ahead and take a look at that if you're interested on the nitty-gritty of how service is done but the general idea is after service is done you go ahead like if you're the one who actually did the serving you fill out a proof of service to show that you know it actually happened it occurred on this date etc so the instructions here I think are fairly self-explanatory but I've done this form so many times I've lost count the instructions make perfect sense to me if this is your first time doing this however the basic idea is you have these three paragraphs here so one two and three and then with in paragraph two you actually have these two little bits as well so the paragraph one basically says in order to serve this proof of sperm sorry the substitution of attorney form in order to serve the substitution of attorney form you have to meet a couple criteria then there's three of them so the first one is that you have to be over the age of 18 that's just a California law thing like if you're a...